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As we wind to the close of 2015 we invite you to celebrate this year with a generous gift to our annual Year End Appeal. The purpose of Vajra Flame Foundation is to support the dissemination of Wisdom Teachings given by Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon.

This generous partnership has dedicted their work to the seeding of possibilities for the coming Aquarian Age. Our thoughts, words and actions are the seeds we plant. Master’s wise direction has me increasingly aware of what seeds I am sowing.

Were you able to join us for Thought of the Day, Teaching of the Month, Rocky Mountain Esoteric School, our annual Peace Convocation or Silent Retreat? If you have followed the Wisdom Teachings of Master DK, you will know the myriad ways in which your spiritual life has grown to open your heart and expand your way of being in the world

Once again, as a special Thank You for any donation over $100, Kathlyn has offered A Special Evening with Master and Kathlyn via teleconference. Join us today with your generosity to support Vajra Flame Foundation.

Click here to make your donation.

With Gratitude

Jeanne Franke, VFF Board Chair

Master's Prayer to the Divine Mother