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A Year of Service to Earth

Dear Ones:

EarthriseWelcome to a Year of Service to the Earth. As mentioned in a recent eNews, Master's Teaching, Blessing Earth, offers a crucial message, and presents His special request for our joined efforts in the year ahead. In this lesson, He calls us to become actively engaged in Earth's healing process, and requests that we mindfully transcend “conventional reality.” We are called upon to be part of a healing solution, because the future of our planet depends on the collective manifestations set forth in 2007.

The tremendous potential for transformation is available within a 12-month period starting in March of this year. The lesson contains the approximate times of the windows of opportunity, the particular focus necessary during those times, and practices and meditations to help seed transformation. We are also given suggestions for carrying out this process, both individually and in groups.

To assist you in carrying out Master's suggestions, several members of the Education committee have been working on a number of study aids. In the spirit of service and generosity to the Earth, these tools will be available free of charge, as a special offer to all those who go to the website. In the coming weeks you will find:

  • The complete transcript of Blessing Earth with all Master's suggestions
  • A letter from Master about the importance of this year of service to the planet.
  • A synopsis of instructions organized by month
  • A color coded calendar highlighting special times
  • An outline of ideas for groups (for use if you would like to invite your friends to participate in Master's work)
  • A list of other lessons pertinent to this work
  • Notices of special teleconferences throughout the year
  • Instructions for submitting questions for teleconferences
  • A member's Forum for communication (comments, suggestions) regarding the Year of Service and other projects

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This is an incredibly important time that carries enormous potential for the Earth. Master has promised to continue giving timely lessons pertinent to this year of service. ( We are told that the lesson for March will touch on issues of violence and non violence) For those who are not currently subscribing to the Teaching of the Month, please consider signing up to receive further guidance regarding this powerful and transformative year.

Please join with Master, and those on the inner plane, to create a New Earth. Our efforts have never been so needed or important.

May you be happy in your life, and in your spiritual service.


Dianna North