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Master's Q & A

  1. Can you please address the upcoming Harmonic Concordance and what it means to us?
  2. Why is meditation so important to spiritual development?
  3. Master, when you look at your students here on the Earth Plane, is there one thing that seems to be holding us back from our spiritual accomplishment more than any other? If so, what is it?
  4. What is the purpose of our experiential existence on Mother Earth and what is our Creator's ultimate plan for future generations?
  5. What is true power? Self-help books present concepts like "owning your power." We are all familiar with control and "power over," but if a spiritual person is powerful, what does that mean?
  6. What is self-esteem and how is this related to the ego and spiritual enlightenment?
  7. Our scientists are now discovering that Earth's magnetic shift is beginning to take place. Generally, what effect will this have on humans and animals?
  8. Master, everything is always changing. Does The Source also change?
  9. How do you define "spiritual?" How is living here on the earth spiritual? How does one see everything as spiritual - even that which is temporary? How does one stop judging this as spiritual and something else as not? What does it look like to see all here and now as spiritual?
  10. In your teaching, The Aquarian Mission, you indicated that Arian Age was the Age of the Tribe, the Picean Age was the Age of the individual, and the Aquarian Age would be the Age of spirit indwelling in matter. It appears that each Age represents the qualities of the preceding Age. Is that due to an astrological miscalculation on our part? Could you elaborate on the promise of this New Age?
  11. Master, as we transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, does the planet (and also ourselves) experience a Bardo time?
  12. If one has become an enemy to oneself, is it possible for that person to ever achieve enlightenment?
  13. Master, where does the human come from?
  14. Master: What was Atlantis? How advanced were they? Did we lose great technology after the cataclysm? Did the civilizations that followed have to start from scratch?
  15. Master: I am an Indigo Child seeking guidance on my own. Where should I start in seeking "Freedom from Suffering?" How is it one goes about working with Rays? Where do I begin in trying to make a difference when to everyone else I am so young?
  16. How important is raising one's "vibration?" What does this really mean? Are there physical and spiritual components to this? Does this concept refer to the evolutionary progress of humans? What are some of the best physical and spiritual steps to take to achieve this?
  17. I have been watching my memory and that of my friends between the ages of 40 and 60 deteriorate. We seem to forget things that happened as recently as the previous day. We note that this phenomenon affects people around the world and includes both genders. We often worry about having Alzheimer's disease. What is causing this problem? Is it biochemical or is the planet and its forces moving so quickly that we cannot mentally keep up? Could there be something in our diets, collectively, that is contributing to such massive global forgetfulness?
  18. If the circumstances of one's childhood do not allow one to experience, and therefore know love, how can the adult move from knowing about love to knowing (i.e., realizing) Love?
  19. Namaste, Master. My question is in regards to young practitioners (21 to 25) of the path. Whom they choose as a life partner is vitally important, since all need support. How do we choose the right person? Does it have to be someone at our own level? If we are going to grow spiritually, do we need someone to match us?
  20. I have learned that I entered this life with a high karmic debt, and every so often I get advice to start paying down my karmic debt. Also I sense that people around me experience their karma, whether good or bad, from contact with me. What makes my life more bound by karma than others? Having experienced allowing someone to experience their karma has had a chilling effect for me on trying to help people because, of course, I want people to experience only good from my efforts!
  21. What is the relation between the personal ego and Higher Self? How and why does the ego become an enemy of the Higher Self; and finally, is the ego destroyed or merged into the Higher Self in enlightenment? Please inform us more about the Higher Self. Thank you.
  22. Master: In these times of changes, great violence is being played out. What purpose do light workers have in these troubled times? How can we keep ourselves centered and not get too pulled into the duality?
  23. Master: With regard to mantras to eliminate karma (specifically Thiru Neela Kantum), how long does the mantra need to be used to clean up the old karma before we create anew?
  24. Master: If a person commits acts of cruelty against another in this life, then later recognizes what they have done and truly regrets their actions, can that karma then be worked on in this life, or can it be worked out only in a future life? If the karma must necessarily follow to another life, how can one find any measure of peace or self-forgiveness in this life, knowing they have harmed another?
  25. Master: What does one do when one finds oneself always angry about everyone and the whole world - so much so that this one cannot even keep a job for more than three months? How can he show compassion with so much anger about the world - particularly in that he is so enraged about the way the world is so devoid of real love?
  26. Master: You speak often about elevating one's consciousness by learning to distill the difference between what is "Real," and what is only "really experienced." Can you please elaborate on this lesson for us?
  27. Master: I believe that I may be falling into what is called "nihilistic quietism" and I do not know how to stop. Do you have some recommendations for me?
  28. Master: You talk a lot about working with the mind, but I find I have difficulty pinning down anything concrete - other than specific thoughts when they arise. Is it possible to work with my mind in a more holistic way? From Lafayette, CO, U.S.A.
  29. Master: You speak so much about Oneness. Can you explain how Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism are all "One?" To say they are "One" sounds like they are all the same, even though they all seem really different. Please help me understand this.
  30. Master: What is your connection to Jesus? Your Teachings seem very spiritual, but they are quite different from the Teachings of Jesus. Can you help me put this into perspective?
  31. Master: It is my understanding that all the beings who have started major wars throughout history have been "sixth ray" individuals. If this is true, how does this play out, and would that be true of George Bush, current president of the United States?
  32. Master: Most of you are learning that 2009 is probably going to be one of those years that you look back upon and do some interesting reflecting.  We want to make it a very powerful, positive year, and I know some of my dear students are saying, “Well, how can we possibly be positive when everything is falling apart.”
  33. Master: I hear that near December 12, 2012, the veil will disappear between the third and fourth dimensions with humans being able to see fourth dimensional beings as we slip into the fourth dimension. Is this accurate? If not, what can we expect to happen at this time? Will we slip into a consciousness void shortly before the transition from third to fourth dimensions?
  34. Namaste, Bhagwan Khul. I hear about changes coming in 2012. When will these happen? In the beginning, or middle, or end of the year, or will it be at some other astrologically significant time or during the whole year?
  35. How can I tame my mind so it can be utilized by Divine Essence?
  36. Master, thank you for your important focus on balance this year. In your last teaching on balancing our inner and outer worlds, it became so clear to me that the perpetuation of karma is a huge issue. (Here I might suggest that it’s likely huger than you can imagine, frankly.) I feel that breaking out of the cycle of karma and conditioning is hopeless, especially since we are all connected to all humans who are trapped in samsara. It is difficult to imagine a completely congruent life where our minds are sufficiently tamed as to not generate more negative karma. Could you please help us see that possibility more clearly?
  37. I understand and can appreciate the Earth and consciousness changes that I see in the world today. I find it more difficult to accept myself when I experience any corresponding eruptions of negative impulses. Are these negative experiences really necessary? And how can we expand our self-image and forgiveness to rise above them?
  38. Master, I have been told recently that I think too much. This causes me to ponder if it is even possible not to think. What should our goal be with regards to our thoughts? Should we try to control our thoughts in some way, or just watch them in a nonattached way?
  39. Can you speak to the subject of tough love?
  40. I understand and can appreciate the Earth and consciousness changes that I see in the world today. I find it more difficult to accept myself when I experience any corresponding eruptions of negative impulses. Are these negative experiences really necessary? And how can we expand our self-image and forgiveness to rise above them? This is a question that probably many of you can relate to in one way or another. Indeed, as one grows spiritually one becomes more aware of the powerful consequences of any impulse, whether acted upon outwardly or not. Then sometimes a level of self-judgment arises that complicates the matter even further. So as one grows, it is natural to expect a higher level of functioning from one’s own self. However, while just about every spiritual aspirant would like to avoid the mental afflictions of negative mind states, they do serve a purpose. Our questioner asks if these negative states or mental states are necessary, and that’s an interesting way to approach this area, by looking at what might be necessary.
  41. As I do the teacup meditation you gave us , I notice I can observe all the drama going on around me. In observing, I find I am engaging less with the drama than I previously did. However, I sometimes get a feeling of loss from this observing and not engaging. It seems like I get either depressed or become indifferent to the drama, which is a strange feeling. Is this an emotion? What am I supposed to do with it? Thank you, Master.
  42. The media and others have put so much focus on the life and death of Michael Jackson, yet very little has been said of the bravery of Farrah Fawcett who died on the same day. 1) Does this fact demonstrate the imbalance of the unclear masculine in our culture? 2) Could you please comment on anything we may be learning from this particular event?