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Year of Service Resources

What follows is intended to be a resource guide for those who are embarking on a Year of Service to the Earth. Since Master has suggested that we find ways to make this an enjoyable experience, the education committee has compiled a number of ideas to assist you.

Listed in the following links you will find:

This text is not intended to be read all the way through. Rather, it is offered as a tool to apply to your focus of healing in the coming year. For those of you who are starting groups, you may find some useful ideas to provide inspiration or motivation in your meetings. If you are efforting to protect your precious mind from violence in the media, you might find some alternative viewing that will actually inspire a deeper devotion to the Earth. For others, you may choose to keep a copy near your meditation area to assist you in remembering some of the many practices that can be dedicated to Earth’s wholing. However you choose to use this resource, may it help you in keeping your focus and dedication on Earth’s healing and purification in the days ahead.

This guide could not have been compiled without the generosity, dedication, joyful effort, and deep devotion of many students who committed hundreds of hours transcribing, summarizing, editing, and compiling Master’s words.

Special thanks go to those that have worked on this project. Your work on behalf of the spiritual and earthly planes is greatly appreciated.

May this year see peace, healing and a sense of well being for all sentient beings.

Dianna North,
Education Chair