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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


June 2001 Lesson

Date:May 15, 2001

Dear Ones:

I greet you in the power and magnitude of Creation expanding through the marvelous becoming of our beloved Earth. May each of you find happiness and fulfillment in your life and creative expressions as we continue our collective journey. May you be open to learning deeper truths about yourself and the collective adventure that is now unfolding.

Have you recognized that these are times for taking seriously your creative path? Indeed, everything you think has powerful ramifications, often at multiple levels of experiencing. Becoming all that you can be requires that you recognize yourself as the creative genius that you are. Whether you are paying attention fully or not, the truth is that you are creating continuously in a stream of activities and events based upon what you have learned in your past. Every moment is a highly charged container for the most marvelous creative activity. What you are trying to learn is really about conscious creation.

Most of you have given at least some thought to what it might be like to be fully awake in creating your life. While you effort to become more and more conscious with regard to what you create experientially, you may not have considered the inverse proposition. How about learning to avoid unconscious creation? Indeed, if you could master this feat, you would find much more conscious engagement in how you create experiences in your life.

Now as you might expect, avoiding unconscious activities, both those that create new elements and those which only recreate past learned habits, requires that you show up for the experience. If you look around at much of humanity today, you will notice that many people are wandering around in a fairly (sometimes totally) vacant space. In studying this matter, you can come to discern the difference between the spiritual quality of spaciousness, and the checked-out quality of spaciness.

Now clearly, these states are not the same. In the former state, Essence is a profoundly present. The latter state, however, is often completely void of any essential Consciousness. Obviously, such is not an appropriate state from which to create a life! Encourage yourself to be keenly aware of the moments your ego wants to check out. Recognize that it does this to avoid some form of pain. Then, resolve within yourself to face whatever life brings you (yes, even the pain) in as fully awakened state as you can muster.

In responsible co-creation, one must learn to pay attention fully to the process at hand. Letting oneself get sidetracked, diverted, confused or overwhelmed seriously detracts from concentrated attention. What do you think might have resulted if the Creator got sidetracked while creating this Universe? Or, if while creating the type of consciousness that was to be human, the Creator became diverted, what may have resulted? Almost everyone would agree that the Creator needs a strong creative focus, with perfect attention to detail. In the creation of your own life, should you hold yourself to lesser standards? Would you not want to be as successful a creator in the parameters of your own creative arena as is our Source within It's creative arena?

Perhaps you are discovering why so many meditation traditions begin with teaching strong concentration skills. If you are to create a life well lived, you must have a strong creative focus to keep yourself on track, in line, and steadily pursuing the appropriate goals. The power in sustained, concentrated focus is that it allows freedom from depression, anger, greed, etc. When the focus is keenly fixed upon the spiritual goal, the path becomes clear, the goal becomes real.

Can you take seriously the proposition that you are co-creating your own enlightenment? Can you take yourself seriously enough to realize enlightenment is possible for you to accomplish in this lifetime? For many, the prospect of enlightenment seems like a good idea for some future life, not really believing that it may indeed be attainable in this life. Yet in truth, you really only have the "now" of this life. You cannot just think that because you secured a fortunate birth in this life (one wherein you have opportunity to learn from many spiritual teachings and have the financial ability and time to follow a spiritual path), you will necessarily have the same opportunities in your next life. How sad it would be to waste the spiritual resources available to you now in the belief that you will have plenty of opportunity to become enlightened in future lives. While that proposition may be true, you rob the Earth of a potential enlightened being if you do not move toward the goal with a serious recognition that you can do it. It will take much effort, much concentration and focus, but it really can be accomplished. Why not let yourself "go for it?"

Please join me this month in listening to a lecture I did for the Placerville (CA) group last month, Prajnaparamita. May you find this an inspiring talk, and may you be inspired to create your enlightenment in this moment. Recognize that if the Source of All Being had enough faith in you to ask you to do this, you should have enough faith in yourself to at least try. In fact, you may be surprised at what comes forth as you dedicate yourself fully to this amazing and wonderful task. Will you allow yourself to take the leap into your own potential? Will you actively generate bodhichita (the sincere desire for enlightenment) in all areas of your conscious journey?

Know that I love you and celebrate your commitment to become all that you can become now! Be a comfort and a support to all those you know of like commitment.

Sunday Meditation

Continue your sitting practice on Sundays from noon to 12:15 in your own time zone. Recognize that you are doing this not only for yourself, but for all sentient beings everywhere. Give thanks for the opportunity to offer this service. As you sit, recognize that you are part of a huge wave of human consciousness seeking to go beyond the limitations of the collective Earth story. Again, give thanks for the opportunity to offer this point of service, and pray that all beings everywhere will follow their own path of opening, deepening, and ultimately enveloping all of Creation within their great hearts. Feel hope for Earth as you quietly sit, experiencing the rise and fall of your own breath.

Our meditative practice for this month will be to generate vast fields of hope and spread it out to all of creation. Hope is a healing energy, as well as an inspiring emotion. Earth is invoking from you now, this profound gift. As you breathe, breathe in hope. Let yourself become completely filled with hope. On your out breath, send hope out to enfold the entire planet. Beginning with your own family, your own community, your own geographical location, your own country, your own continent, send hope out to the entirety of your own planet. Fill the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and pool with liquid hope. Fill the mountains, desserts, farmlands, Polar Regions, equatorial zones, dry forests, rain forests, plains, and coastal areas with peaceful, joyous hope. Let Earth's physical body begin to vibrate with hope.

Now bring your attention to all beings, in all kingdoms, who/that have lost hope, for whatever reason. Let the flow of your breath generate great waves of hope and send it out to all beings everywhere who know hopelessness. See, feel, and know their suffering. No matter how great the hopelessness, generate greater amounts of hope. Let your breath fill the entire Earth and the sky above and around Her with vibrant, living hope. Know this is a healing force for all who can receive it.

Now bring your attention to the young girl in the photo on this page. She is a Tibetan girl, but she could be any girl. She could be a Kurdish girl in Afghanistan, or a Muslim girl the Middle East. She could be a Native American girl, a gypsy girl, a Chinese girl, an African girl, or a young refugee from one of many world sites. In your meditation, let her represent young women the world over who are persecuted because of their gender. In some parts of the world, she could have her nose cut off if she looks at a man (or is accused of it) who is not her husband, or speaks in the presence of a man when unbidden. In other parts of the world, she could undergo very painful genital mutilation with a high risk of death just for being a girl child. She could be systematically raped and tortured, driven from her homeland, starved and enslaved simply because she is a girl. There are still areas where, because she is a girl, it is illegal for her to own anything.

As you receive her, acknowledge her suffering at the hands of those who would abuse her. Make a strong contact with her eyes, and send her hope. Tell her you have come to facilitate Earth's in releasing torture and suffering. Give her some assurance that because you have come, somehow her life, too, will move forward. Tell her what you intend to do to make this world a better place, a wholer place.

As you breathe, generate a stronger and stronger connection between the two of you. Support that connection on a flow of purified hope. See in her the potential for a better, more healed world. Bring her into your heart and offer her peace and comfort, shelter and safety. Then, hold an open space for her to talk to you. What does she ask of you? If she had your resources, your sphere of influence, your time and money, what would she do for her countless sisters the world over? What can you do on her behalf to ease the kind of suffering and hopelessness she and those like her know?

Know that she is another part of you. Know that her suffering is in you as well. Look into those precious eyes, and see yourself. In seeing, in knowing, in hoping, let your energy, your consciousness, join with hers. Together, repeat:

May all beings everywhere be happy.
May they know and have peace.
May they have ease and a sense of well being.
May they be filled and healed with love.
May they both know and show kindness.

Walk in love and hold dear the knowledge of liberation. Cherish your life and the lives of all sentient beings.

Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2001, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
Reprint prohibited without permission.