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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


February 2003 Lesson

Date:January 30, 2003

Beloved Students:

I greet you in the perplexity of irony, as the world around you considers the pangs of war during the month of love. As you move through the month at hand, you are likely to experience many ironies opening before you. Do not let them slip by without pondering what they may mean, both at the level at which you experience them, and at possibly even larger levels than "meet the eye." By pondering such ironies, you learn something quite powerful about life's paradoxes. It is by deeply penetrating the realm of paradox that you develop a facet of mind that helps you delve into spiritual mysteries as well. Consider that this may be a month full of paradoxical wonders, and rather then being confused by such, allow them to speak to you in ways that facilitate your growing acceptance of life's confounding moments. It will help you stretch your field of awareness beyond the parameters of habituated mind.

Our collective focus this month has to do not only with paradoxes, but also with expanding the parameters of mind. Now most people think of "mind" as something that has no parameters, since it is not concrete, nor a material thing. Indeed, the very fact that so many think of "mind" in these terms demonstrates that presence of parameters, whether acknowledged or not. The very activity of spiritual growth is actually the process of expanding the parameters of "mind" (or at least, should be). When those parameters have been stretched into oblivion, or stretched into total dissolution, then "mind" becomes "Consciousness."

I have described this process to you often by using the analogy of water evaporating into steam. The "stuff" of water still exists, but you cannot find it in any recognizable form. This is true of mind as well - the essence of mind (which is quite different from mind itself) still exists, but not in the form you now know, or now experience it. Mind, in the conventional sense, is understood to function as an operational result of concrete, physical organs of perception inputting sensory stimulation to the brain through waves of electrical charges. However, as you begin to deeply consider the phenomenon of awareness from a more spiritual perspective, the realm in which you experience it suddenly becomes a whole lot less concrete. You use words like "perception" and "cognition," or perhaps "intuition" as means of trying to describe something that is, for the most part, indescribable.

When you begin to think about these words, you can easily recognize that you must move from a general level of experiencing (i.e. the collective experience) to a very personal level of experiencing. Take "intuition," for example. Some people think they have it, and others think they do not have it. But precisely what is the "it" they are talking about? Those who agree that they experience "intuition" as a property or function of "mind" are often not even talking about the same activity of "mind." Each merely calls what he or she does "intuition." And because the way in which one mind intuits may be quite different from the way of another mind, we are beginning to see that even the experience of "intuition" has parameters. (Those parameters being, of course, synonymous with their own personal experience of them.) Thus we can see that what appears as an intuitive process for one is but an illusion for another. Or, perhaps we should switch it around and say that the experience of intuition is more the illusion to the one who believes in the experience. You can make an equally sound case for either.

Now please do not take this at a concrete level. Hear me neither saying that intuition is valid nor that it is invalid. Such would depend, of course, on the parameters of mind of the one experiencing the phenomenon. What I am trying to put before you is the notion of mind parameters. This is elementary in your understanding of how "mind" works. Likewise, understanding how mind works is elementary to the work of transcending the mind.

The work of transcending mind is, of course, the most important work you can do. The first step is often the most difficult, because at the beginning it seems to make no rational sense. The beginning step is to learn not to take "your" mind as a personal thing, separating it out from all those other apparent minds "out there." Now of course you do have the experience of "your" mind, and for most people it can be pretty threatening to approach the idea that you actually "have" a mind of your own as an illusion. Indeed, this "mind" does appear to exist in the manner you experience it. But as you learn over and over again that things are really not as they appear, you must ultimately come to the realization that even mind is not as it appears. This realization is the beginning of transcending that which is called "mind." Clearly, something is there, something is operating, but it just might not be what it appears to be.

Please join me this month in listening to Transcending Mind (Click here to hear this talk in RealAudio format, Click the link below to purchase this lecture on CD), a talk I gave in Denver January 12th of this year. This lecture will challenge you to see not only your mind in a whole new way, but will hopefully open to you a whole new way of using that which you call your "mind." In fact, you will be challenged to use the essential stuff of mind in the way a Buddha or a Christ uses this stuff of awareness. You must begin to see both yourself and the apparent world around you in a new way. Clearly, the world (or something) is there and operating, but perhaps not in the way it appears to you. In fact you will ultimately have to ask the question: Who sees all this, anyway?

Meditation for February

While I know some of you would like to be finished with the meditation I have been asking you to do for some months now, I must reinforce to you that this meditation style has many benefits both for you and for the planet at this time. I have given this meditation for you because it helps you maintain heart, or should, in your meditation. As perhaps some of you know, one can get lost "in the head" (or perhaps just space out) while doing the latter part of this meditation. In such cases, one literally loses heart in the meditation practice and it becomes only a formality or task to be completed. In the practice we are doing, the first part helps you cultivate devotion - or should. It helps you deepen your spiritual connection with your Teacher, and gives you the opportunity to sit in the Teacher's presence in a one-on-one context. This is very beneficial for spiritual progress. The second part of this meditation trains the mind to be stable, and helps you stay in the present moment. Both of these skills are important to constructing a foundation from which to launch, spiritually. You cannot see emptiness if your mind wanders, or controls you through your feelings and thoughts. Transcendence can only come through mental quietness. Thus, you can surely appreciate you have a real need to master this skill.

Additionally, doing this meditation daily will aid in preparing you for the work we will do at the upcoming Peace Convocation. To that end, I would ask that you do this work as a particular favor for me. Perhaps the easiest way for many of you (if you cannot remember the whole format) is to tape your own voice reading the meditation and pausing at the obvious places, and then simply sit with your tape. It should take you 25 to 30 minutes.

Because many of you are focusing on 2003 as if it is your last year to live, I would like to add another tool for those of you who would like it. This is a tape of a meditation used by Tibetan masters to prepare for death. There is a tradition in Tibet of learning how to dissolve into light at the point of death, or just after. Many accounts exist of masters whose bodies, at the point of death, were wrapped in cloth, as is traditional. Within three to four days, when the corpse was lifted to be carried away, it was found to be very light. Upon the undraping, what would be found were only bits of hair and finger/toenails. When this happens, it is known that the master had been practicing the rainbow light meditation. It is practiced to gain a peaceful death, as well. This is an excellent meditation to do just before falling asleep at night. Now since all of you do that, you can see that it will not take any precious time from your already busy schedules. If you would like this tape, click here the link below to order it through this Website. Given below is the ongoing meditation, in case you should need it.

Walk in love, abide in love, know love!

Djwhal Khul

Begin by sitting quietly with your eyes open, gazing at the floor some two to three feet in front of you. If you would like to place on the floor at your gaze point a colored sheet or piece of fabric that is uniform in color, please use a solid color, choosing from among blue, yellow, red, green or white. Follow your breath for 15 full breath cycles. If you lose track of the count, simply start over. When you complete the cycle of breaths, close your eyes, and feel yourself to be in the presence of your Spiritual Teacher. Make the feeling as real as possible, engaging as many of your senses as you can. Feel true reverence and respect for your Teacher, and allow yourself to be fully appreciative for His/Her assistance in your life.

See yourself sitting before your Teacher, who is seated on a platform or lotus throne about eye level in front of you. Think of some quality of the Teacher's that is very precious to you, and bow before your Teacher as a sign of respect to the Teacher and the quality you are cherishing. Be aware of your Teacher's love streaming to you, and feel deep appreciation for this gift. See yourself making a physical offering to your Teacher - something that the Teacher would know came from you. As your Teacher receives your offering, feel a loving smile coming to you from this Precious One. Feel yourself nudged to make a deeper offering - perhaps your promise to meditate daily and to dedicate whatever goodness comes from your meditation to your Teacher.

Review your life for the past 24 to 48 hours. Think of your most negative moment, and notice whether it was due to your thoughts, your words or your actions. Let yourself experience some genuine remorse for this, and then make a promise to your Teacher that you will not do this again for the next 24 hours. Next, think of a moment of kindness that you generated in that same period. As this memory arises, allow a feeling of warmth to arise at the heart level. Promise yourself that in the next 24 hours you will look for more opportunities to create goodness and kindness in your life.

Next ask to see the Teachings in every aspect of your life. Ask your Teacher to be a witness for your thoughts, words and actions in all situations. In difficult situations, ask to see the Teacher's face on the face of those who try your patience, as well as those you serve in love and kindness. Try to see what each situation would be like if you could experience it as your Teacher in each case. Have a sense that your Teacher is not only watching your every thought, word and action, but that your Teacher is ardently holding forth that you will make the best decision in every situation for all concerned.

Now ask your Teacher to stay with you for the duration of the next 24 hours. In the palace of your heart, create a room for the Teacher that is quiet and filled with love and reverence. Visualize the Teacher becoming small enough to fit into a beautiful pearl. Open the petals of your lotus crown, and allow the Teacher to descend through your Crown Chakra on an energy flow that brings the Teacher to rest on a lotus throne in your lotus heart. As the Teacher sits there in dignity and serenity, ask Him/Her to be both witness and coach to/in your life. Ask help in seeing your own thoughts, words and actions, that you may continually increase the purity of your motivations, and see through the controlling parts of your ego/mind.

With the Teacher enthroned in your heart, bring your focus to the floor or colored cloth before you. Using it as a backdrop, try to hold the image of the Teacher. See Him/Her as a living person (not just a photo or statue), and envision Him/Her doing the kind of things He/She would do were He/She in physical form today, such as giving a Teaching, or conducting a blessing ceremony or an empowerment. Try to hold this living, working image as you simply remain aware of your breath. Watch the Teacher performing virtuous tasks as you simply say "rising" on your in-breath, and "falling" on your out-breath.

Try to hold this image and stay connected to your breath for at least 15 minutes. Should you find it difficult, forgive yourself and just keep trying.

When complete, become aware once more of the qualities of the Teacher you wish to manifest in your own life. With each breath, draw those qualities into yourself, receiving them as a gift from your Teacher. Appreciate your Teacher's example, as well as your own opportunity to receive precious teaching at this time. After about 5 minutes, let yourself arise with royal dignity, knowing yourself to be purified by this work, and trusting it has generated transformation for yourself and Earth.

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2003, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
Reprint prohibited without permission.