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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


October 2005 Lesson

Date:September 6, 2005

Beloved Students:

May peace abide within the depths of your wondrous, gracious hearts, and may goodness emerge from your every thought, word and deed. May you be deeply touched by the expanse of suffering now before you, which now confronts and challenges so many beings. May you find inexhaustible resources of grace to extend to all.

As can be easily recognized, the chaotic energies of August were so powerful that they were literally propelled into September as well. As you grasp the level of devastation left in the wake of the great storm along the southern Gulf Coast, may you hold ardent respect for the powers of Nature; profound compassion for those whose lives can never be the same, and boundless generosity for the energy now being called forth to address the storm’s aftermath

For those of you not dealing with loss of life, property and society, your task is to become beacons of hope – for your society at large and the world as well. If you commit to becoming such, you will likely note an interesting paradox here. In times of great devastation and personal loss, the inspiring ray of hope is both the furthest away, and the nearest it has ever been. Whenever individuals are forced to face such catastrophic harshness of huge and powerful events, you will discover paradox is ever present. While one is steeped in loss, a profound sense of fulfillment can arise that defies definition in conventional, mundane terms.

What becomes immediately observable is both the crushing pounding of the ego’s realm and the rising power of the indomitable quality of the human spirit. Indeed, you see the very highest level to which humans can rise, and the lowest levels to which they can sink. These two, you will observe, walk hand in hand through the perilous reaches of the collective psyche, emitting auras of supreme clarity and radiance as well as emanations that can be regarded only as putrid and foul.

Indeed, it is the task of the willing and the able to collectively summon a great flood of compassion: compassion for those who become the objects, or targets, of such degraded emanations; but also for those whose karma it is to emanate such energetic sewage, repugnant to all. Remember compassion is like the beautiful white lotus flower, which projects its tightly closed bud above the polluted waters in which it takes root. Then, when the bud is exposed to the radiance of pristine sunlight, it opens to reveal its true nature. An indescribable fragrance is released as the flower opens, and in the uniqueness of its presentation, offers brilliant softness and exquisite beauty for all who can see the Truth emerging from its bud.

I do not use this example simply for poetic expression. As you come to experience your own true nature, you will undoubtedly recognize the perennial lotus of your soul essence budding in much the same manner – its own pristine elegance never being (nor having ever been) disturbed by the toxic levels of experiencing from which it arose. Indeed, fortunate are those who can find the great beauty hidden in the midst of the appearance of what is deemed “ugly” by the many. Fortunate are they who require of themselves the greater seeing necessary to look beyond the obvious; who set their sights on the Divine in all Its startling disguises and who, without denying the suffering that confronts them at every turn, still have the confidence and diligence to see more than merely suffering.

There is a wonderful passage of ancient wisdom which comes from the second chapter of the Hebrew text known as the Song of Solomon that I would like to bring before you at this time. It goes:

For , lo, the winter is past, the rain is
over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come,
And the voice of the turtle is heard
in our land.

Of course, this passage is really not about the coming of spring, even though the text clearly regards such as a precious event. The real message of the text is about hope. The springtime that comes to “the land” is actually coming to the heart. When there is springtime in the heart, the world is a fresh place to live and be. In fact, it is the coming of spring to the heart that allows the winters of devastation to dissolve into an abundance of new life. What is more needed now than an abundance of new life? The winter of devastation seems shockingly profound because most of you are not used to seeing such sharp and deeply wounding effects of life’s double-edged sword up close.

Truthfully, many face such calamity around the world on a daily basis. The advancements of the West, however, have perhaps seduced many westerners into believing that such ravages are, or should be, controllable. Thus, as you well know by now, a complacency arises within the collective experience; and little, if any, respect is paid to the raw natural forces until Nature reasserts her power and prominence to the shock of all watching.

As you bear witness to all that has transpired; as you absorb the shock wave that now pulses around the world, let gentleness and generosity arise from the springtime of your heart. Be generous as you now work to become a part of the solution. Be generous with money, your time, your meditations and prayers, but particularly with your thoughts. Recognize just how much there is to offer those who are suffering so from Katrina’s unforgettable statement of authority.

As you view the news clips and read the stories of people’s lives, do not think to yourself, nor say aloud phrases like “Oh, those poor people!” Recall what you have learned about the power of thought. Realize that with millions of people the world over projecting such thoughts upon these new refugees, their plight becomes only harsher. Rather see the human spirit rising to transcend the profound levels of suffering that afflict sentient beings throughout Creation. See goodness and wisdom awakening among not only these refugees, but all beings everywhere. Visualize a restoration of trust and healing taking place that will mark forever this event in world history. Use the power of your thoughts, commingled with the empowering thoughts of others, to awaken the entire world to new possibilities – possibilities of harmony and sanity such as have never been witnessed at the human level.

Indeed, now is the time; and you are the ones to bring this about. If not you, who? If not now, when? Do not expect those whose lives have been irrevocably changed to bear the burden of transformation alone. Indeed that is too much to ask. Rather, come forth in the magnificence of what it is possible for this world to become – not a mere representation of all the ways it has previously failed. Hope is what you have to offer. Hope is what the suffering masses so desperately need. Do not withhold this magnificent gift. Do not crawl into some perceived cave of helplessness. Go be who you really are. Enter the springtime of the heart and share the landscape with all who are longing for spring. Let the flowers appear, the birds sing, and then listen for the sweet voice of the turtle to bless Creation with its precious song.

Please join me this month in listening to A Song of Hope, the talk I delivered via teleconference from Denver on September 11. It is my earnest desire that each of you will have both the courage and the willingness to become the “springtime of the heart.” I would ask that you do this for the refugees of Katrina, certainly. But let your service expand to a vaster level as you do it for all beings everywhere who, for whatever reason, have lost touch with the “springtime of the heart.” If you look about you, you will indeed discover that one need not face a hurricane to touch countless beings who long for that springtime. Be the gift your Source encoded you to be. Resist the moments of smallness with which the ego tempts you – no matter how compelling they be. Let your service be for now and ever after the service of a great Light Being who blesses Earth by merely touching her skin, loving her children.

Walk in truth, constancy and integrity. Let your light so shine as to completely dispel the darkness of suffering – no matter how intense, how powerful such may seem. You are the people; these are the times of transformation. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Your loving teacher and high witness,
Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2005, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
Reprint prohibited without permission.