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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


October 2007 Lesson

Date:September 27, 2007

Beloved Students:

I greet you this month in the afterglow of a wonderful and inspiring Convocation experience. For those of you who participated, I hope you are still carrying a reflection of the group vessel that we jointly created and that you are enjoying that reflection in your daily field of experiencing. For those of you who were unable to be with us in the physical, so to speak, please know that you were missed, and it is my sincere hope that you will receive some benefit from the outstanding energy presence created by those physically present.

I noted this year that there were a number of people who said to others (some of you directed it toward me, as well) that you would "be there," although you had no plan to attend. Some of you actually think that if you somehow joined by like-mindedness, that is the same thing as actually being physically present. However, if none could ask your opinion on anything, or if none could feel your physical presence, the truth is, simply stated, you were not there.

We accomplished a greater sense of spiritual community this year than we have in previous years. The level of enthusiasm present this year "raised the bar" considerably in terms of what you as a spiritual group are capable of generating and projecting than your collective offerings in our prior convocations. Additionally, there were about 20 people among our numbers who had never previously attended one of our Peace Convocations. While this was, of course, exciting for those who donated so many personal hours of service on behalf of our organization to make this year's "big event" a success, it was exciting for others of you to meet new people who are like-minded in serving Earth at this critical time.

Also a first for this year, our contingency of young people was the highest it has ever been, adding a shift in the overall energetic quality we were able to offer up during the weekend. Our ceremonial work was heightened by the presence of more men joining our group, as was the level of participation in all areas. Please consider this a very big THANK YOU from the spiritual plane for all the wonderful elements each of you contributed to our special Earth Service Container, and our joint support for Earth and each other. May you continue to receive multiple blessings on a daily basis for your participation in a very successful Peace Convocation!

I am sure that each of you noticed that you received two CDs in your little monthly package for October. This is due to the fact that there were problems with the duplication process for September, and apparently problems in communicating there were problems, as well. And since I want to share some of the gifts of our important Peace Convocation for 2007 with each of you, you will notice that one of the CDs is a recording of our Friday evening lecture at the beginning of the Peace Convocation. I hope you will not only enjoy it as a teaching, but that it will recreate an inner experience of the wonderful spiritual community created at the event (for those of you who attended), and for those who were not there, this may be a way of bringing your energy and focus into the great group vehicle that was created on behalf of our entire organization, and that of Earth, as well.

Beyond the experience of all those "warm fuzzies" that were being shared within the convocation group, there is also the matter of the level of our conjoined service offered to Earth. I bring this up because, while most of you were able to feel the power of the energetic resonance we generated, it might interest you to know that there is still an emanation of spiritual energy pulsing out from the area where we laid, and then walked, the labyrinth. Thus, I would like to ask that in your meditation times, each of you take just so much as even a few seconds to direct that energy into areas that need it at this time.

Any areas of illness, whether physical, mental, or planetary, are prime areas for dispensing this energy. Such is true also for areas of corruption in a given family, society, corporate entity, or those affecting a force anywhere on the planet. Please use your intention to make a decisive difference in the world at large by activating your own self-empowerment, and using the tools shared with you at our convocation.

The second CD lecture you are receiving relates to creating a planetary prosperity consciousness. Now that you have been given tools to empower yourself, it is time to empower the entire planet, as well. From the perspective of spiritual growth, there is no competition. Thus, you benefit most when the entire planet is prospering (just as the entire planet benefits when you actualize your own prosperity potential). In truth, it is one thing to understand this notion as a concept, and quite another thing to live your life co-creating in such a way as to fully demonstrate your abundant knowledge and capabilities. The understanding part is generally seen to be an application of head energy, which is clearly helpful at many stages of the path. However, actualizing this truth requires full involvement of head, heart and belly. Yes, we are once again back to those three important perceptions centers!

Any powerful understanding must be applied fluently in and by all three centers of perception if it is to contribute balance and demonstrate capaility. For example, if the understanding of abundance is held in the head, little more comes forth than intellectualizing about, or pontificating upon, the notion of prosperity. In some, the manifestation of prosperity arises only in the inner world of personal fantasy. Clearly, this is not mastery -- no matter how rich may be those fantasies.

In like manner, if the understanding of prosperity is lodged only in the heart, one may find oneself yearning for prosperity, but not able to generate a full manifestation of such. This is another situation where the mind might be given over to fantasizing about prosperity, but the quality of the fantasy is quite different. It arises from the position of "not enough," and can therefore only replicate patterns of "not enough."

Similarly, if the understanding of prosperity is held only in the belly center of perception, one might find oneself working harder and harder but not necessarily manifesting prosperity. I am sure all of you have experienced coming from one of these perspectives -- perhaps for lifetimes. While there is nothing inherently "wrong" with any of these fixation points, it should at least be clear that none is sufficient for the full manifestation of prosperity. Now if this is true at the level of an individual, it will (of course) hold true at the planetary level, as well.

Ideally, the spiritual aspirant must cultivate all three levels of understanding and then move to apply them in a balanced manner. When you accomplish this, you simply cannot avoid feeling connected to the planet as a whole. When the perception centers are open and functioning with clarity and wholeness, you experience divine connection with every person, all living things, indeed you realize you are One with everything. Of course, the perception centers enter this profound wholeness as the chakras come open and function with clarity and wholeness. Such is the great dissolver of all those perceptions of duality (you know, the thoughts that you are not like them -- whoever or whatever the "them" is for your ego). Thus, you heal the planet, so to speak, by becoming whole yourself. You become whole as you see and support others around you becoming whole. So where's the competition? It simply doesn't exist (except in the mind that projects it).

I hope you enjoy your double lessons this month, and I hope that you will allow yourselves to be completely transformed by the concepts each presents. May you have the stamina to rise into your true nature, and may you be a cause for celebration among the many beings upon the planet! Indeed, may you have the liberation you so keenly desire in all of its many manifestations. May your thoughts, speech and actions be pure and free from guile, and may your success mark the profound success for planet Earth!

Your loving teacher,

Djwhal Khul

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