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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


December 2009 Lesson

Date:November 24, 2009

Beloved Students:

I greet you as together, spiritual and physical planes move into the final month of 2009. How quickly this year has flown by for most of you. Soon you will be entering another time package, and thus, this is a great time for distilling your lessons from 2009. Indeed, they are many and they have arisen at both the personal level and the global level. What an amazing thing to observe the planetary shifting that has become virtually an everyday experience!

I hope you will spend the rest of 2009 contemplating not only the personal lessons you have gleaned, but the many blessings you experienced in 2009, as well. While I do realize that for many of you it was a difficult year, I hope that you can appreciate the opportunities that even difficult years hold. In truth, it is usually the years that are the most difficult to negotiate that end up being the years that are the most memorable, and yield the greatest gifts in the long run. Indeed, all those challenges are the source of your richest gifts.

In our recorded lesson for this month, Creating Balance through a Pure Heart, we note some of the difficult points in 2009 in terms of how they may have arisen in your own minds. Further, we noted the importance a spiritual path during such intense times. Remember, the goal of a spiritual path is to perfect awareness, and to rid the mind of its ignorance of (and resistance to) the pure inner light anchored at the core of your being. In times of global purification, nothing is more important than one’s spiritual path!

When they occur, it is most important to acknowledge the difficult effects brought about by shifting global energies. It should go without needing mention that when planetary energies shift in any large way, these energetic shifts will surely cause a powerful effect on your own mind, as well. By being fully aware of these shifts and the challenges they are bound to stimulate, you not only honor Earth’s progress, you also set the stage for profound personal spiritual growth.

December’s lecture further notes that by taking frequent journeys into reverence, the heart gains its purification. Indeed, this is truly what the heart of every spiritual aspirant seeks. Purifying the heart illuminates the profound recognition of just how much grace is available to the vajra heart. As the heart is cleansed by grace and devotion, its capacity for tenderness and vulnerability also increase. I hope you clearly understand the amazing healing potential here!

You could say that the goal for the spiritual journey of the heart is to become completely undefended. While such can only be attained when the vision of unified consciousness is fully realized, it remains a positive step to keep moving in the direction of the healed state. In its undefended state, the heart becomes trans-parent, thus allowing the fire of the spirit to shine in utter fearlessness. As the fire of spirit blazes, it consumes the residue of guilt and despair that overshadow spontaneity and joy.

Near the end of the recorded lesson you will hear me say that I intended to close the lesson with a story, but ran out of time on the CD. Because spiritual stories can be important in driving home a point, I will offer it here in written form. Since I am not quoting from any particular text, no reference source is here provided. However, I can tell you that this story comes from the Hindu tradition, and I hope you will find it helpful in recounting the events of 2009.

The story holds that many many years ago, a king of a province in India went to a sage and requested that the sage give him spiritual teachings. The sage said he would gladly share his wisdom with king, but that first, the king must give something to the sage.

The king said he would gladly provide for the sage anything he wanted. The sage had only to name what the gift should be and it would be granted.   “In that case, please bring me the milk of a young lioness,” the sage replied.

Clearly, this was an amazing request, but with tremendous difficulty, the king fulfilled the sage’s request. Carrying the milk of a young lioness, the king started back to the sage’s hermitage. However, the milk of a lioness is very acidic, and even before the king had reached the sage, the milk had eaten through its container. Thus, with the empty container in hand, the king lamented to the sage that the milk was gone. To his lament, the sage replied, “O king, you sought to carry lioness milk in a vessel made of clay. Go back and get a golden container and bring the milk in that. Only gold is pure enough to contain the milk of a lioness.”

The king repeated his great efforts to retrieve milk from a lioness. This time, however, he returned with the milk in a vessel made of gold. After receiving the king’s offering, the sage said: “O king, you are like that vessel of clay. If I give you my grace now, you will lose it. So purify your vessel until it is like gold. Then you will be able to hold whatever I give you.”

The sage was referring to the maturity of the king’s heart, since it is the vessel that holds the grace, or teachings, the sage supplies. Indeed, purification of the heart is in large part what our focus on balance has been about during 2009. While it may not be obvious at first glance, heart purification and balance go hand in hand, for one is not possible without the presence of the other.

Thus, like the sage, I am requesting that my students purify the vessels of their hearts, so they can contain my teachings without losing so much as a drop. Perhaps 2009’s more challenging points might have been better negotiated had your own hearts been stronger and able to contain all the teachings you have received. Of course, it is important to be grateful for whatever you learned from 2009, but I think the year might also have been a bit easier, given the strength of a golden vessel.

In purifying your hearts and entering fearlessness you are polishing the vessel of your heart so that it may have the strength and beauty of pure gold. While the analogy drawn from this story uses somewhat outdated symbology, the point of the story should be readily accessible.

Like gold, you will need to be purified in the fire of transformation. As you present yourself to the flame that buns away the dross imbedded in the pure gold of your diving nature, you be-come a vessel of purest gold. Your intrinsic value to the planet rises, since you become one of Her finest works of art.

Know that your purification process (which conquers all fear) is important both to your own future and that of the planet. While I may not be able to adequately describe the nature of this importance, perhaps I can inspire you on your journey and bear witness to the greatness of your desire for transformation. May you be blessed at every turn of your path for your continued service to your beloved Earth.

As you close 2009, may your holidays be rich with potential and filled with compassion for all beings. Please find some avenue through which you can share something of your own wealth with those who could benefit from your generosity. In the coming year, require yourself to stretch beyond the scope of your ego’s com-plaint domain, and try a little harder, love a little deeper, smile a little more sincerely, show up a little more authentically, and laugh a lot more willingly.

May you see the gift you are contributing to the healing and wholing of the planet, and may you recognize the gifts of others in your life who have truly made a difference in the person you are becoming. Walk in grace and abundance, and do so without fear. You are the light of the world. Go forth in your natural brilliance, and hide not that which is within you.

Your loving Teacher,
      Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2009, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
Reprint prohibited without permission.