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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


July 2010 Lesson

Date:June 28, 2010

Beloved Students:

We come together in focus once again for the benefit of precious Earth. As we recognize the terrible destruction now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, as we humbly acknowledge the great toll being extracted upon innocent beings living in the Gulf, may we redouble our dedication for cleansing and purification now! May the commitment that each of you feels be magnified 100-fold, and may the pristine beauty for which this Gulf was once known be restored! So be it!

As we come together this month, may the fact that we join hearts and minds in an effort to bring healing to the Gulf benefit all sentient beings now affected by the toxic dump the Gulf has become. I recognize that even though each of you must surely feel devastated by the unfolding predicament in the Gulf, I also realize that it is easy to lose your focus on the Gulf at this time. You have heard so much about the situation, and because many of you find yourselves miles from the Gulf, it seems as if there is nothing you can do to change the flow of this current of destruction.

Please hold the Gulf proper, as well as all the beings that dwell in and around the Gulf, in your continued prayers of blessing and healing. Clearly, the prayer/meditation offerings you make work at the etheric level, opening the way for blessings and healing to become manifest at a physical level. Indeed, great effort needs to come forth at both levels. Even with the collection of all the offerings that my group of students has brought forth (and indeed, some of you have been stunning in your consideration for, and offerings to, Earth), much more is needed.

Thus, I am asking that you join me in creating a massive focus for the very healing that is needed. As you should all know by now, planetary consciousness is a shared consciousness, and is one in which all of you participate. The karma that is now arising, and which is driving all the non-clarity and distortion in both the Gulf of Mexico and the world at large, is planetary karma.

This means that even though you did not personally dump oil in the Gulf waters, part of this karma is yours, since you are part of the planetary community. Indeed, what is manifesting is the combined non-clarity and distortion of millennia. Know that Earth has been carrying all this distortional energy ever since the collective force of human mentality generated it. Now, it is time for that energy to be transformed into a force for planetary enlightenment. Barring that, it must be released from planetary consciousness. Currently, you are witnessing the planet release toxicity built up over thousands of years.

Because part of the karma manifesting is yours, each of you will want to work inwardly to purify toxic residue in your own mind. These manifest through feelings of disharmony and/or retaliation, grudges held, even the presence of something so seemingly insignificant as episodes of grumpy or complaining mind. But further, because this is group karma arising, you must take your work into the group setting. It is naïve to think that a little work with your own mind will solve all the problems in the Gulf.

While work on your own mind is clearly important, it is time to go deeper in the work of purification. Earth is your planetary home, and you must do what is necessary to preserve Her precious life force, and offer the full service of which your heart and mind are capable. Join me in declaring August 15, 2010 Earth Healing Day.

Please join me also in inviting people from other organizations and concerned spiritual aspirants all around the world to hold as a sacred time for planetary healing from noon in their respective time zones until 13:00 (1:00 p.m.) as a sacred time for offering prayers of healing, directing healing energies into the gulf of Mexico, chanting, and asking Earth’s forgiveness for the presence of the planetary karma now driving the destructive forces in the Gulf.

Our goal is to secure people in virtually every time zone around the planet to participate. In this manner, there will be a wave of dedicated focus spanning a full 24 hours. Please notify any and all persons you think might be willing to participate in this service. VFF will have a task force in place to organize the efforts of all our members, and provide information that you can use in e-mails or letters. As you are all aware, I seldom ask for 100% participation from our membership. I am doing so now, for a couple of reasons.

In the first place, time is running out for the Gulf and its inhabitants.  This should be painfully clear to all of you at this point. But further, the time-frame for responding to the darkness now emerging in planetary consciousness is also limited. Do not think that the citizens of Earth have lifetimes to clean up the karma they have created over the past several thousand years.  Indeed, if this mess of collective experiencing is not addressed immediately, there could be a radical shift in the Earth experience. Most of you have heard of periods of planetary experiencing wherein the planet was literally set back significantly in Her spiritual journey. This time certainly has, as one potential, the possibility of forestalling planetary evolution in much the same manner as the destruction of Atlantis.
While I do not say these things to frighten you, I do believe it is important that every being who cares for the future of the planet understand the gravity of the current situation, and recognize that the stakes are indeed high. Fear, for those of you who are prone to lose yourselves in it, will not rectify the problems that have manifest, but will offer much energy toward the setting back of Earth’s evolutionary process.

For those of you who will be attending the Recession-Proofing Your Mind workshop in Denver scheduled for August 14-15, we will utilize the selected time on the 15th to do a powerful group meditation for the Gulf/Earth. I do hope all of you who can make the event will recognize the importance of being with a dedicated group of people on August 15th. If you do not recognize this importance, then please listen to your friends and spiritual family members who do understand the power of community effort in such matters.

From my perspective, it is all too obvious that the calamity in the Gulf of Mexico is directly related to the kind of recession-induced mentality that is currently gripping the planet. Can you not see that such is a type of death energy? In our lesson this month, I speak to the collective arising of this death energy. You are being called to step into your vastness now and make a profound difference for the planet that has supported your growth and transformation in your many lifetimes.

Please join me this month (July, 2010) in listening to the lecture I recently created for you entitled, Critical Stress and a Weakening Planet. Please recognize that you took birth, in this life, to aid your planet as She undergoes the travail that leads to Her new life. Do not think that you can simply leave this responsibility to others. These are the times for which you took birth. These are the times in which you can establish the finest hour of what it is to be human. Do not miss this opportunity to rise to the very greatness for which you were born.

I will ask you this month, as I did last month, an important question: Has your journey been one of taking from Earth or one of giving back to Earth? This is your time to give back to your precious planet in an unprecedented way. Will you harken to Her call, or will you turn a deaf ear to her cries for your support and focused healing? These are the times, and you are the ones who took birth for the healing of Earth. Will you awaken to the call that is now being sounded by your precious planet?
Please awaken. Make your constant offering of will and heart to the healing of Earth. Know that She cannot do this alone. She has been insulted for millennia by the karma of war, thievery, greed, corruption, neglect and complacency. Yes, to your dear planet, neglect and complacency are as destructive as are these other “sins” you find so easy to castigate in others ~ particularly corporate giants that place their own interests above the well-being of the planet.

As I have said to you so many times, you have come from Love. Indeed, there is no other source from which you could possibly originate. Love sustains you and continually blesses you. Can you now afford not to offer the love of your Source (that begat you and sustains you) to your planet? Join me in bringing together a half million people to offer the healing work on August 15, 2010.

    Your loving Teacher,
      Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2010, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
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