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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


September 2011 Lesson

Date:August 30, 2011

Beloved Students:

I greet you in the glowing aftermath of our 2011 Peace Convocation. I trust that those of you who participated are still harvesting from the fruits you received during our time together.  I am delighted that several of you were able to receive the healing energies with which you were gifted. For a couple of you, this took place during the initiatory ceremony that closed the Convocation, for another it occurred during our ceremony on Earth Healing Day, and several others of you allowed the gifts of the Mountain to bless you with both physical and spiritual healings on Monday.

I also know that there were some of you who asked for a specific healing, but feel you did not receive it. Such experiences seem to offer some tricky spiritual terrain to negotiate. Some of you have projected that perhaps I showed special favors to others who requested healing, but not to you. Please know that I am not capricious in such matters, and the gift of healing was made available to all who were open to receive it, however they may have done so.

This is one of those interesting areas that sometimes defy explanation. Even though one’s conscious mind may request healing, frequently the unconscious mind can block the reception of a gift that is literally resting in one’s auric field. Clearly, the reception of healing (or any offering of grace) comes not from the domain of the conscious mind, but results from the clearing away karmic blocks housed in the unconscious mind.

Indeed, without a viable understanding of how this creative process works, one might feel that her/his healing moments come from some outside force or factor. It is, however, important to understand that receiving a wave of grace is not like opening a birthday present someone sent you. In the case of the birthday gift, you would not have it to open if someone else did not send it to you.

Grace, however, is a different matter. Know that your Spiritual Teacher is continually surrounding you with the gift of His or Her grace. Yet often, you may not be aware of the presence of that grace. You may think that a Teacher offers gifts of grace only in special moments. This is simply not true. I, for example, continually issue a flow of grace to all my students.

The appropriate question to consider now is more along the lines of what causes one student to be able to receive that grace, while another may yearn for it but be unable to draw it in. Let me give you an example from another Teacher. Gurumayi (or Chidvilasananda) used to fuss a bit at her students because they were always coming to her requesting the gift of her grace. She would explain to them that doing so was similar to someone walking in the middle of a river, shoulder deep in water, but begging everyone they passed to give them some water.

She would explain that just like the river water in her example, her grace was perpetually and abundantly present for her disciples. She noted that it literally surrounded them, continually preceding and following them. Even with receiving this powerful teaching multiple times, some of her students still begged for dispensations of her grace.

Like Gurumayi, I have some students who are quite able to receive my grace, and others who have more difficulty with the process. I could cite a student or two who has experienced what could only be described as “miracles” in healing, for both their physical and relational areas. Other students have been able to apply my grace to overcome major hurdles in their lives, while still others have focused my grace to access greater levels of their own divine potential.

So, you may be wondering, just what is the difference in how students receive grace? Do some get special attention from me? While it may appear so from the standpoint of some, this is not the case.  The only differing capacity is their ability to receive the gifts put before them.

Even so, there is a devotional component that should not be overlooked. Generally speaking, the greater one’s devotional capacity, the more readily s/he can receive gifts from the spiritual plane.  Now, why might this be so? When one offers devotional energy to a Spiritual Master, his/her heart expands and opens. And, it is the open heart that is most likely to receive waves of grace from the Teacher.

While it may seem that the Teacher is showering such a student with special gifts and privileges, this is simply not the case. It is the heart of the student that draws in the grace through an outpouring of devotion. Now this is where the topic can become confusing for many students. In an effort to “get it right,” some will try harder and harder to force a devotional state – only to learn in dismay that devotion simply cannot be forced.

The harder the student efforts, the more elusive the devotion becomes. In fact, with this course of action, often the heart actually begins to constrict rather than expand, and the student’s best efforts collapse in utter disappointment, perhaps even disillusionment. In this case, frequently the Teacher is blamed for the result. In the end, the blaming only creates more heart constriction and less devotion.

Have you ever known people who seem to enter life with greater devotional skills than others? Generating this precious heart energy seems utterly effortless for them. If so, then likely, you are experiencing someone who may have spent lifetimes learning to cultivate devotion. While you may not have known them in the lives it took to master this spiritual skill, you can now at least experience the fruits of all their applied practice. Further, you can be confident that with practice, you, too, will come to exchange devotion for grace. Of course, it is important that you not envy their talents, since so doing will only take your heart into more contraction.

In our recorded lesson this month (A New Look at an Old Theme), I will be asking all of you to give up your fear. Some of you will likely be able to do that, while others of you may have a more difficult time, even though you really want to release your fear. Hopefully, you will also learn from the lesson that how you perceive your relative ability to release your fear means nothing in and of itself. Indeed, your experience will hold the meaning you give it.

For some of you, this will be a familiar theme, while others of you may be experiencing the notion for the first time. Either way, allow yourself to take a long, objective look at your projections. What does it mean that you may be fortunate enough to receive and apply grace for a personal healing? What might it mean for you to feel you are “challenged” in this area of your development? In either case, the meaning you experience is just something your mind places on your experience. That meaning does not even exist outside your believing it.

Perhaps you will discover that while you are not yet able to receive a much sought after healing, you are able to release your fear. Watch the mind; it will try to make some specific meaning of your perception. Yet that meaning, no matter how compellingly the mind argues it, simply does not exist anywhere other than within the mind that projects it. If you are unable to drop your fear, but are perhaps able to receive the grace of physical healing, don’t allow your mind to make meaning of either end of that spectrum. Rather, sink your mind into this month’s teaching and see what you can learn about 1) your own mind; 2) your relationship with your fear; and 3) your commitment to your own enlightenment.

 Your loving Teacher,
Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2011, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
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