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Plane-to-Plane Memorandum

To:My Beloved Students
From:Master Djwhal Khul


December 2011 Lesson

Date:November 28, 2011

Beloved Students:

Here you are, entering the final month of 2011.  What a year this has been!  Most of you will recognize (if you take stock, that is) that the year that is now passing away probably afforded you with more growth opportunities than you had imagined possible at the beginning of 2011.  Such is the nature of a highly compressed year – compressed in terms of energy, individual and collective experiencing, not to mention political and social interactions.  Now that’s a full plate. 

With so much forcing movement into new regions of connectedness, I trust that all of you are beginning your year-end review.  What are you making of this past year’s developments?  Are you stronger for the experiences you have had?  Are you wiser and more compassionate?  Are you exploring your world, your relationships – even your own personal life journey – with a deeper, perhaps more spiritually mature perspective?  After all, what could be more important right now than harvesting well your 2011 experiences?

In our recorded lecture for this month, The Shadow of Things to Come, we explore some of the many elements that arose in 2011, and look forward to how their having arisen might influence the collective experiences of 2012.  One thing of which you can be sure is that 2012 will not be boring.  In fact, I think you will find that it looks a lot like 2011. 

So many of the items upon which I touched at the end of 2010 for the coming 2011 are still works in progress.  This makes the entire collective experience quite interesting, since it is likely that 2011 and 2012 will prove to be a kind of “twin” years.  Further, it is pretty likely that you will not be able to fully interpret nor understand 2011 and 2012 until you gain the experiences and wisdom of 2013.  Thus, you are now moving into the middle year of a kind of experiential trilogy. 

Perhaps an important matter now is to consider how you might fully utilize what you learned from our November (2011) lesson on gratitude as you enter 2012.  I think I can assure you that the cogs of the coming year will operate much better if liberally oiled with gratitude.  Had you been able to hold a focus of gratitude for all of 2011 (as I suggested last December), likely the points of traumatic impact you experienced would have offered fewer bumps and bruises to your psyche.

As we noted last month, the planet is currently at a critical state of flux that is affecting all sentient beings to some extent.  Indeed, there are those who seem to be less aware of this fact than are others, but this has always been the case.    I trust that by now you have figured out that the escalating intensity currently underway is likely to continue throughout the coming year.  As you should know by now, creating a counter force of gratitude can mitigate the wear and tear on the psyche that arises from the fear projections of the unwitting masses. 

Of course, this lesson is neither for nor about the “unwitting masses.”  Rather, this lecture and point of focus for the month is geared to those who seek out the “bigger picture,” and proactively choose to be part of the solution, rather than merely reiterating the problem.  In truth, the conventional reality needs the problem of the intensely compressed energy forces.  Without directly experiencing that things are not working, how will systems be devised that offer healthier and saner living conditions for sentient beings on Earth?

As you have probably recognized, the reactions of the masses in times of social and political upheaval tend to flow counter to the energy of gratitude.  All too often, mass emotional energy moves toward blame, sometimes even hatred, when poignant social stressors appear.  Again, these (and other) tendencies only mark the presence of fear, and do not generally contribute much in terms of social, perhaps global progress. 

What is needed, of course, is a greater level of spiritual maturity on the part of individuals, organizations, institutions, – even governments. While that may sound a bit idealistic, perhaps too much for some of you to even hope for, still, it is an important time to consider where the solution for the problems now facing large segments of the world might lie. 

As we take a look at some of the stressors you are likely to face in 2012, I would ask that you be grateful “up front” for the opportunity to con-front those stressors, both as individuals and as a collective whole.  In truth, it is absolutely useless to complain about their arising, since such only encourages a victim mentality that is not only inappropriate for mature spiritual aspirants, it is totally counter productive to the task at hand.

2012 will offer many opportunities to “look beyond the obvious,” as the old saying goes.  It will likely offer some of you opportunities to peer into the face of the unknown, as well.  Now clearly, these are not scenarios wherein victim mentality has ever contributed much in the way of positive measures, nor actual solutions.  Gratitude, on the other hand, can transform nearly any situation – particularly those in which it may have been absent or in short supply.

Just in case you have not as yet figured it out, let me state clearly that gratitude is a response that you are likely to actually need to survive the rigors of 2012.  While the energy of gratitude will serve to work wonders in nearly every conceivable case, it is particularly important during initiatory times; and, this is true whether the initiation faced is a personal one or a planetary one.  In fact, I would like to suggest that all of you use the mantra that I gave you last month throughout the coming year.  If you have noted changes in yourself during this past month, think what you might discover by using it for an entire year!

For any of you who may not have been taking last month’s teaching to heart, let me remind you of the words (powerful words, I might add) of that mantra:  “Today I give thanks for everything and I have no complaints whatsoever.”

In January, I will begin offering teachings on ascension, thus starting our 2012 focus.  While such may constitute our theoretical work, our practical work will continue to focus on purification, since such is the real substance for attaining all higher spiritual states.  In the theoretical focus, I will not be advocating that the planet is ready for ascension, nor that groups of people are ready for the supernatural act, nor even that individuals around the globe are in the process of creating ascension. 

My intentions are to aid humanity in better understanding this process and perhaps “debunking” some of the assumptions and misunderstandings about the process.  It is gravely important that all serious students of transcendent possibilities understand that the highest levels of spiritual attainment are not mere “accidents” precipitated from realms above.  They are accomplishments generated by rigorous work on the part of all would be “ascendees.”

As I noted last month, gratitude is basic to all spiritual accomplishment.  The twin of devotion, gratitude opens amazing spiritual doors. An important thing to note at this time is that 2011 has been remarkably productive for getting aspirants on the transformational path.  2012 and 2013 should also prove to be launching pads for making the coveted journey into the vast and unexplored regions of universal mind. 

Are you ready to make the trip?  If so, let us join in a shared commitment to utilize the amazing energies now being unleashed into the vast collective field of consciousness.  Further, and perhaps even more importantly, let us join in commitment to providing the necessary aid and support for all beings making the journey.

Your loving Teacher,

Djwhal Khul

© Kathlyn Kingdon, 2011, all rights reserved. Distributed by Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.
Reprint prohibited without permission.