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Vajra Flame Foundation 10th Year Astrological Chart Report

by Carol Guillroy

Our Birth was January 20, 2004 at 10:42 AM

With no surprise we have a dynamic chart indeed! We've been talking a lot lately about the Cardinal Grand Cross. Our Foundation was born with the same Cardinal Cross. In fact, it is our natural house placement system. Master already knew what was coming and "We Are the Fortunate One's" to carry through with the plan.

Our birth time gave us an Aries Ascendant, bringing with it lots of Fire. I guess we were destined to learn the alchemical process all along. Mars, the "doing planet," also in Aries, gives us the energy to sustain the fire, and the fortitude to keep up the momentum.

Capricorn in our place of Business grounded the organization, and was sandwiched between Mercury and the Moon. Mercury teaches us how to communicate from a higher level. The Moon, helps soften the energy in Capricorn, but also offers a Feminine approach to our business-minded Foundation. Our Venus is in Pisces, which created beautiful harmony with the Moon. Venus, placed in the 12th house, brings a high spiritual focus on the Feminine. We have several planetary configurations to support us in the initiation into the New Age of the Divine Feminine.

As it turns out, we were trying to figure out how to balance the male and female aspects from the very start. There was no blueprint, and we were in uncharted territory. It was like trying to create a new paradigm from the old way of doing it, (Patriarchal mind).

In 2011, our Foundation made a move to New Mexico. Of course, changing locations changes the dynamics of the astrological chart. We didn't lose the original birth chart in Denver, but looking at the re-location chart, we see a new chapter to the story. The relocation chart came with an Aquarius ascendant/rising sign. This is creative mind, new ideas, and more progressive thinking and doing. It brought new inspirations and new birthing. Indeed, it brought us closer to the Divine Feminine. Perhaps just by being in the "Land of Enchantment" we connected more with Mother Earth. We are able to see the male and female roles being played out and changing.

Now it's 2014, the year of our 10th Anniversary. By the time a person is 10 years old, she/he has formed opinions, and is fairly independent. One's ideas might even differ from one's parents. Organizations are very similar, giving us an opportunity to look at the business with "fresh eyes." What is working? What is not working? How can "we" make us more current with the new times? How can "we" become the "New Divine."

Every year on one's birthday, a new chart can be made. It's called a Solar Return chart, which is like an overview of the birth chart. It can reveal the focus for that year, as well as what opportunities and challenges that may arise.

I have found some interesting points to mention from our 2014 and 2015 Solar Return charts. 2014 started off with brain storming, discovering new insights and inspirations, and negotiation preparation for a challenging year. Sometimes it is necessary to be explicit about what you want. Anything being left unsaid could be the main reason for conflict.

Keeping our emotions in check to get the work done is essential, like not being attached to, or detached from, emotions. We are learning how to relate and cultivate friendships in order to promote team effort. This might include broadening our contacts to the outside world (our on-line courses), or perhaps creating a more beautiful web page.

At our recent Convocation, we had a lovely, gentle spirit of a man, named Magic Moreno, who sings from his heart. His dedication to Master and his respect for Kathlyn and the Divine Feminine were beautiful. This energy is right in line with the Astrological chart.

In our business placement for 2014 is in the sign of Gemini, or the Twins (or perhaps, “duality”). Gemini is the natural home for Mercury and communication. We saw the duality arise this year in the Convocation and Retreat not only happen at two different times of the year, but also two different locations. It all seems to be working out because our mid-heaven in Gemini, i.e., placement for business is in favor with Mercury, travel, and communications. We are birthing something new.

That Aquarius Ascendant will always keep our path interesting, stretching our minds in the process. In our Birth Chart, our original ascendant was in Aries (the mover and shaker sign of Fire), with one of the outer planets, Uranus, transcending it. It is called a conjunction with Uranus and ascendant in the sign of Aries.

Uranus alters relationships, making a break from what has been restraining us in terms of obligations, restrictions, etc. This, seen in a personal chart, would indicate impatience, with limitations of any kind. For an organization it might play out differently, but it does generate a desire for liberation. True liberation involves coming to a point where all structures are taken on by choice, and the path is self- created. This type of shift in consciousness will attract new people, new energy's at VFF. Our Foundation is moving in another direction. This must take place for our development and progress. Master's addressing Metatron's Cube and sacred geometry is right in line for this configuration. This Uranus ascending aspect could bring about a meaningful liberation, that is, the mind being free of its illusions. This has just started to affect us and will be around for a while.

Uranus went retrograde on July 22, 2014 at 16° -- the exact degree as our Ascendant, making this turn around even more powerful. Uranus retrograde is like peeling an onion, layer after layer to re-examine arising issues and challenges. The goal is to quicken the process of evolutionary growth, and yes, probably shed a few tears along the way. This brings a palpable need to experiment with new ideas, deeper values, and transformative relationships. Further, these alignments will lead us to discover our uniqueness in the world.

As it turns out, Uranus will be in the 1st House of the Foundation's chart for a very long time. The 1st House represents the self, or the organization's identity, temperament, vitality, and appearance in the world. Our Mars, the planet of action, is also in Aries at 21°. When Uranus goes direct (i.e., is no longer in retrograde) it will activate our Mars. This new movement will begin on April 20th, 2016. Our birth chart has Pluto at 21° Sagittarius, which is in favor with our Mars at 21° Aries. They both represent fire and are planets of transformation. This is a configuration for endurance for long hard work.

With Uranus stirring things up, this brings a freedom-fighter type of energy into the mix. Dedication to the Foundation's causes should increase, as well as the spiritual conviction and service of our members. These attributes should generate high energy for the new direction of VFF. With Pluto, the re-builder, trining Mars, the activator, anything is possible.

Uranus trine Pluto offers a renewed understanding of our inner being, as well as a potential for tapping spiritual ceremonial magic. This is the time to take advantage of new opportunities. Uranus conjunct Mars brings an explosive component, especially with them both being in the constellation of Aries. What's nice about this is that ideas will come fast with explosive potential as well.

Now let's look at the interesting influence of the planet Neptune. Neptune is a powerful planet. Its energetic properties align along a vibration spectrum, governing such aspects as the subconscious, dreams, artistic and mystic experiences. At the lowest end of its energetic spectrum, it can trigger confusion, fanaticism, and delusions of grandeur. Further, to the ungrounded, it can foster spaciness, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. To those under this spell, Neptune is the "escape planet." However, the higher end of its energy spectrum supports deepening spirituality and the path to enlightenment. Neptune's energy is much like what Master describes in one of his lectures from the 80's, entitled, "Go Mad or Go Mystic."

Since March of this year, Neptune in Pisces at 6° has been affecting our Mercury, Venus and Saturn, plus the mid heaven, and will continue to do so all the way into 2016. This feels like "Embodying the Divine Feminine" to me. This will bring up our own blocks to the Sacred Feminine, but it will also reveal our knowledge of, and yearning for, the Sacred Feminine. Actually, this should be a beautiful transformation. When Neptune hits our Saturn in Cancer (April 2015), we will want to strike a balance between idealism and reality. This experience is basically optimistic, and it will bring forth the creative ability to build an organization that may have been in lack at other times.

When Neptune goes retrograde, it turns the focus inward, offering a powerful opportunity for VFF's deeper organizational work. Illusions begin to dissolve, exposing hard-core realities previously hidden or missed. It is a good time to face reality, rather than escape it. We are now in a Neptune retrograde cycle, which will end, as I mentioned earlier, in November.

Next year, Neptune will again retrograde in June and for about five months we will have another opportunity to ponder the deep lessons falling between the poles of idealism and reality. When, following this cycle, Neptune again goes direct (November 2015), it will do so with our Saturn again in Cancer until February/March 2016. By then, we should have seen through illusions and figured out the tasks of our re-birthed organization. One of the problem areas to solve involves a changed, or new communication style. There is also a potential to grasp a higher, more intuitive form of learning and communicating.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, discovery, and exposure, is in Capricorn. Capricorn rules business and formal structure. When Pluto entered the constellation of Capricorn, the first fall of the stock market in 2008 shortly followed. These "falls" serve to expose areas in need of change. Pluto has been redefining how we do business as a Foundation since 2011/2012 and is bringing the sacred Feminine to the forefront of our learning. Pluto's influence has been breaking down the hard lines in VFF business sector. However, in 2015, Pluto, the planet for change and rebirth, will be conjuct with our Moon (the Feminine). This alignment will begin in January 2015, and will conclude the last days of that year. While Pluto represents breakdown and reconstruction, the Moon pertains to our inner most, or depth regions. I think this will be our time to Realize the depth and scope of Master's work. Through this process we will see our Divine Mother.

Master has said that in 2017, we will be seeing a "new look" of the Divine. Is this the year (2017) that we will see the new Buddha? We must stay flexible because we are being prepared for the next step, or stage, of our organization's development.

Carol presented her live report Saturday evening at the Peace Convocation in Albuquerque, New Mexico June 21, 2014, when we officially celebrated VFF’s 10 Year Anniversary

You may contact Carol at 559-310-2114 if you would like to find out more about the personal or business astrological services she can provide on an individual basis.

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