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Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn L. Kingdon, M. A., Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, co-founder of Madison Street Counseling Center, Women's Mysteries Tours, the Rocky Mountain Enneagram Center and The Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd., is a true renaissance woman. Her lifetime achievements hold distinction in multiple professional fields.

KathlyndlAn experienced conference presenter, she has designed programs for corporate and educational entities to assist with organizational change and employee empowerment. She has offered workshops on group process, grief work, optimal human functioning, and the sacred feminine. She has lectured on the use of music and the voice to enhance personal functioning at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and has recorded and published several instructional CDs used by Dynamic Listening Systems of Denver, Colorado, and their providers. Additionally, she served as editor for the psychological publication, The Journal of Giftedness and Gifted Education, published by the Gifted Development Center, Denver, Colorado.

She was the keynote speaker at the International Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England in 1997, lecturing both on Dion Fortune, renowned British Cabbalist, and the feminine force in traditional Hopi Kachinas. She was keynote presenter at the International Summit of World Healers held in Monterey, California in 1998. She was also featured at the International Conflict Resolution Conference, held in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1999, where she introduced the Enneagram as a viable tool for conflict resolution. Additionally, she has led tours and presented to groups of women in the field of Women's Spirituality in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France and India, spanning the years between 1988 and 1999. Perhaps her most significant contributions, however, lie in the meditation retreats and channeled workshops she has led in some 15 of the United States as well as abroad.

Kathlyn's career path is broad and varied, owing to what she terms her "short attention span." The fact that she holds compelling interest in nearly all facets of life is demonstrated in her work in the world. She was the first woman to graduate from Colorado University with her Master's degree work completed in conducting. She then taught school in Colorado at both high school and middle school levels. Her primary area of focus was music in both levels, but also taught science and drama at the middle school level, writing and directing four children's plays in her two-year term.

Becoming fascinated with graphic arts, she left teaching and during the next six years, set up three businesses in the new field. First she opened a commercial camera center (The Lens), offering local offset printers and screen printers a complete range of photographic services. Next came a printing supply company (Pueblo Printing and Litho Supply), and later a complete graphic arts center (La Graphiques Excalibre) was added.

From Graphic arts, she moved into law firm administration in one of the large 17th Street Law firms in Denver. Having taxed her left-brain significantly in the legal world, Kathlyn returned to school, immersion courses and special educational programs by leaders in the field of transpersonal psychology, specializing in optimal human functioning and neo-Reichian work. Additionally, she became a certified Enneagram instructor and meditation teacher. During this time, she also traveled coast to coast as a spiritual channel, and in 1992 formed a tour company dedicated to discovering high energy and sacred places around the world.

As writer, Kathlyn has authored numerous articles in various fields of interest, ranging from Christian education and the problems of legalism in religion (1970's); to reviews of complicated law cases, nutrition, and paper consumption (1980's); to the effects of quantum physics on the field of psychotherapy, the place of the sacred feminine in psychotherapy and personal development, and the feminine life cycle as a spiritual path (1990's). Additionally, her collection of provocative poems, Poems to Ponder upon the Path, was published in 1987, Journey into Softness - A Reflective Experience Designed to Help Loosen Hard Edges, a yearlong personal journaling experience, was published in 1997, and she also wrote the film script for A Spiritual Pilgrimage to France, 1996.

Raised in the paradigm of strict fundamentalist Christianity, she began exploring past lives through hypnosis with her friends in college. Her curiosity in world religions was then piqued, becoming an area of deep exploration for her over the years. In 1983, at the age of 36, she was introduced to Master Djwhal Khul through personal circumstances that led her to voice channel, Janet McClure. In her first interview with Master "D.K.," as he is sometimes affectionately called, He opened to her the path He said she had chosen before incarnating in this life - that of the voice channel.

Although her primary commitment has been to Master Djwhal Khul all these years, when asked to provide a conduit through whom other spiritual masters could teach, she has willingly obliged them, as well. Her body-mind space has been opened to numerous Great Ones, including a specifically dedicated three-year commitment to Vywamus, and a four-year commitment to Modron. When asked to comment on her adventures with these great teachers, Kathlyn, in her often-understated way, reflects, "It hasn't been boring!"