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About the Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd.

VFF logo The word "Vajra" is a Sanskrit word meaning "diamond". Typically, when used in a spiritual context, it refers to the qualities of the diamond, which are pristine clarity and indestructibility. These are also the qualities of the enlightened mind, and are the qualities the Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd. aspires to as a spiritual organization.

Founded January 20, 2004 in Denver, Colorado, USA, the Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to aiding aspirants in their spiritual journeys. Practices from multiple spiritual traditions are distilled and taught at educational seminars, workshops and meditation retreats by the loving Master Djwhal Khul through the voice channel, Kathlyn Kingdon. Live teleconference lectures are available to anyone interested, as well as an extensive library of teachings covering a vast array of topics.

Vajra Flame publishes the current teachings of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, both in written form and by audio recordings. Monthly teachings are made available to subscribing students through the "Teaching of the Month," providing both a written monthly lesson and recorded teaching. Subscription to the "Thought for the Day" is also available through the Student Center. The annual Peace Convocation draws students from across the U.S. and around the world, and is the largest gathering of Master's students each year. Additionally, workshops and retreats are provided in different locations around the U.S. Some events may be scheduled, from time to time, in other countries, as well.

Through the generosity of donors Vajra Flame Foundation has established a scholarship program

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Our Mission Statement

Vajra Flame Foundation is dedicated to helping people find inner peace in a chaotic world.