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The OM Segment: England

Sept 14 – 20

Theme: Let Peace Return to Earth

Sept 14-16 Salisbury, England

Our tour begins in Salisbury, England with a welcome reception on September 14 and an evening meditation with Master in preparation for our private sunrise ceremony with Master at Stonehenge on September 15. Entry into the circle is not allowed except by private invitation and nothing could be more potent to kick off our tour than Master enjoining our energies inside the greatest megalithic monument that for millennia has projected the potent strength of the masculine against the ravages of time.

We will then head to Avebury, and after a time to eat in the delightful village, will explore the famous Avebury stone circle, the largest henge site in Europe. Master will speak about the site, and will instruct us in interacting with the stones in this incredible monument to the ancient feminine. There will be stories to share after you experience the compelling energy of this amazing ceremonial site.

During the remainder of our time on the Salisbury Plain, a large chalk plateau in southern England covering 300 square miles, you will also have time to tour Salisbury Cathedral with its delightful market town at your leisure. We anticipate a workshop in Salisbury on Saturday, September 16, open to the public, focusing on the energies surrounding the Return of the Buddha.

Sept 17 – 19: Glastonbury Area

We will visit Glastonbury, the fabled Isle of Avalon, and ancient seat of the Goddess in Britain where we will drink the sacred waters from Chalice Well and meditate in its famous garden, which, legend holds, is the resting place of the Holy Grail. We will also visit the magnificent ruin of Glastonbury Abbey, which is thought to be the location of the Heart chakra for the world, and those hearty enough can climb the famous Glastonbury Tor for a magnificent view of Avalon below. Finally, we will visit Cadbury Castle, thought by many scholars to be the site of Camelot.

Through meditations, ceremonies, and Evenings with the Tibetan, we will be anchoring peace along the way as we build the energy for our annual Peace Convocation. What an incredibly rare opportunity to be up close to Master, receiving His wise, compassionate energy for many days.

Sept 20: Travel from Glastonbury to London

Those selecting only the OM segment will connect with flights home. Those continuing on to the Peace Convocation will fly to Cologne, Germany, where we hope to see the magnificent Cologne Cathedral on our way to Aachen, Germany.

The AH Segment: Germany and Netherlands

Sept 20 - 26

Theme: Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me

Sept 20 – 21: Aachen, Germany

Aachen is an enchanting city, complete with ancient Roman baths, medieval cobblestone walking streets, and wonderful churches and museums, including the world famous Aachen Cathedral and the Treasury, both of which we will tour. Charlemagne is buried in the Aachen Cathedral where he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800. Of course, we must not miss sampling the culinary delight of German torte and coffee. It’s safe to say that you will never forget Aachen, especially on the International Day of World Peace as we celebrate with countries around the world.

Sept 22 – 24: Peace Convocation in the Netherlands

It is thrilling to begin our first International Peace Convocation on the Autumnal Equinox. This day when daylight and darkness occur the perfect balance is a auspicious omen for a magnificent event. Given the chaotic nature of the world today, invoking the natural great peace of the Buddha seems utterly fitting. May deep, abiding peace become the birthright of every citizen on Earth! Excitement is building for our International Peace Convocation, which will be held in the Netherlands, this year. It is a rare opportunity for North Americans and Europeans to come together, joining with Master in a powerful invocation for World Peace and a celebration of the 2500-year return of the Buddha.

Sept 22: An Evening With The Tibetan, open to the public and setting the energy field for the Peace Convocation

Sept 23: All day Peace Convocation

Our time together will be led by Master in an idyllic private setting by a river, near orchards, on a verdant and expansive estate. It is sobering to note that this pastoral setting was a site of intense fighting in WW II. Together, we will amplify the peace now present there, and celebrate the healing of both Earth and all people everywhere.

Sept 24: Walking the Way of the Buddha

For our Convocation ceremony, we will joyously and purposely dance an expansive spiral as High Witnesses to Peace. Holding focused intentionality, we will anchor peace, celebrate peace, and send forth peace, under the direction of Master D.K. Our ceremony will be followed by a celebratory lunch.

Sept 25: Amsterdam

We will journey to Amsterdam for a day of enjoyment in a remarkable city full of culture and bustle.

Sept 26: Travel day.

From Amsterdam, participants will either return home or continue on to Romania

The HUM Segment: Romania

Sept 26 – Oct 1

Theme: Romania at the Threshold of a New Paradigm

As a special add-on to the Peace Convocation, join with Master and Kathlyn in six wonderful days touring enchanting Romania. Nestled in the center of a circle of nations (Ukraine, Moldovia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria), Romania also has a coast on the Black Sea. Master has long had an affinity for this area, its people, and history, and He revealed on last year’s trip that he had even lived there in one of his non-Asian lives. Master has also indicated that Romania has the potential to be the epicenter of a new spiritual integration in the Aquarian Age.

During our time in Romania, we hope to feature a workshop in Bucharest as well as a second gathering in Eastern Romania, near Camilia’s hometown. Accommodations will be in Bucharest and a wonderful conference center in Eastern Romania, complete with a spa. Iulian Trofin, an internationally recognized concert pianist, has graciously agreed to offer a special recital of his piano and vocal students, for our enjoyment. I must tell you that last year, this was such a highlight and certainly moved the audience to tears with the virtuoso of the students combined with the ardor of their presentation.

Camilia and Iulian have graciously agree to lead us in a very intimate experience of their homeland. We will tour several famous Orthodox Monasteries with their incredible frescos and unique architecture. They are still active centers of learning as well as places of pilgrimage for the local people. Most of them have special images of the Virgin Mary that radiate profound devotional energy. We really don’t have anything quite like this in our part of the world. We will also visit museums and other centers of learning, as well as meet some leading figures in Romania.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this magic country, and see it through the lens of Romanians who know and love their country.

VFF has decided to donate 10% of the profits from this trip to help with the care of abandoned and sick animals in Romania.




fundraising Goal

As the year draws to a close we look forward to special opportunities to celebrate our lives. The upcoming holidays and our end of year review offer times of reflection and gratitde for the gifts of our talents, relationships and blessings.

It is also a time when many organizations look to their members for support in budget planning for the year ahead. At VFF we have set a goal to raise $25,000 in our Year End Appeal. As Master recently said “Service means one is being useful in a positive way. It is a good thing to give back a little when taking so much”. So we ask for your service in supporting Vajra Flame Foundation.

We also thank you for your membership and many ways of supporting the work of Master Djwhal Khul and Kathlyn Kingdon. Together may WE become that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that can change the world!

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Blessings and Love

Jeanne Franke, VFF Board Chair

Master's Prayer to the Divine Mother