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Students are sending in comments about RMES classes:

Dear Kathlyn,
I have to express my joyful gratitude for the R.M.E.S. teaching of the breathing exercises. Even though I haven't quite got into the full practice yet - the brisk walk is proving tricky as winter has arrived like a lion, but the results are already very noticeable. I am so energized needing less sleep and my energy through the day is quite even. I find the morning exercise fills me with bubbling happy energy and the evening one puts me into a gentle state of connection with my heart center. The Breath of Fire is quite difficult to sustain but so worth the effort - I'm getting far more out of it than I'm putting into it.
With love from a renewed Rose Marie

I too give profound thanks for this opportunity to breathe in the New and breathe out the Old and Outmoded ways of being. As I write this a beautiful Ladybug is walking atop my laptop, confirming how special it is to be alive at this moment, in this time. I thank my Beloved Teachers - Master Djwhal, Kathlyn and All of You. May our work together aid our Precious Planet and one another as we join in Love and Compassion.