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Many of us on the spiritual path hope to one day come into contact with a master teacher. D.K. is such a teacher. I find him delightful, humorous and thought provoking in his views on world affairs. And, I experience a deep sense of harmony and peace while sitting in his presence.
Gail, Astrologer, Denver, CO

For many years I've been a seeker of spiritual wisdom. I've gotten readings from many people, including some who are quite famous. However, after my first reading from Kathlyn, I knew she was categorically different from the rest. Never before had I encountered such clarity, wisdom, and depth of focus. Go to Kathlyn for the big picture.
Franci, Tour Director, Denver, CO

Kathlyn is not only one of the clearest channels l have ever met, but also one of the finest human beings. Her dedication to her work and that of Beloved Djwhal Khul is a phenomenon rarely found, and l am grateful to have had the privilege of knowing Kathlyn and working with her.
 Rolf, Services Mgr., San Francisco, CA

Kathlyn-DK Picture

Experiencing Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn has been the most liberating experience of my life. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Master who has awakened me to my true Self and liberated me from my old constricted, painful life.
Hank, Insurance Broker, Anchorage, AK

Never have I found workshops that reach the level of wisdom, compassion and healing l have found with Kathlyn and Djwhal Khul. I would highly recommend to anyone who is willing and ready to take on the work of transformation to experience both channel and Teacher
Marie, EMT, Citrus Heights, CA

My work with D.K. though Kathlyn has expanded my mind, touched my heart and helped me to create a new life. It has been an incredible privilege to experience the love and compassion of such a great teacher. I wish all beings everywhere could know this teacher.
Dianna, Therapist, Boulder, CO

I was introduced to Kathlyn about four years ago, and have been a changed person since. As a result of her work, I have experienced tremendous personal growth and greater success in many areas of my life.
Jacqueline, Speaker/Motivator, West Sussex, England

My spiritual quest has taken me on many exciting roads of discovery, but none has been so rich or rewarding as my journey of love and healing with my dear Master Djwhal Khul, as channeled thorough Kathlyn.
Linda, BP Exec., Anchorage, AK

I knew of the great master Djwhal Khul, but never knew one could have the privilege of having him as a personal teacher and guide by simply asking. Having first listened to lecture tapes, the messages I heard were so profound, I realized Kathlyn was indeed transmitting the real D.K.. Ever since my first personal encounter with the beloved Master, the guidance and understanding he has brought to my life has changed me forever.
Michael, Business Consultant, Vancouver, WA

DK always has something to teach me. I laugh, I cry, I have realizations about myself, and I marvel at his ability to transmit loving compassion and a wake-up call to awareness.
Laura, Librarian, Santa Cruz, CA